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Industry Exhibition | Baoding Galaxy Electronic participated in the 2023 CEIC Fuzhou Transportation Exhibition

April 24, 2024

Our company participated in the 25th China Highway Information Technology Products Expo on March 30, 2023. This exhibition focused on displaying the latest achievements in the research and development and application of my country's highway information technology products.

At the same time, the opening ceremony, traffic informatization situation analysis theme report, "One Network" operation management and key technology forum, comprehensive technology forum, planning and design innovation forum, new infrastructure to promote high-quality expressway development forum, and wisdom forum will be held in Hall 5. High-speed construction and development forum, highway reconstruction and expansion intelligent improvement forum, ETC expansion and application forum, vehicle-road collaboration forum, infrastructure digital key technology forum, multi-source data fusion analysis and application forum, perception fusion technology development forum, smart travel services Forum, quasi-all-weather access forum, comprehensive monitoring forum, next-generation toll technology innovation and development forum, "one network" toll audit forum, highway overage control new technology forum, smart service area forum, intelligent operation and maintenance forum, smart tunnel forum, The real-time meteorological monitoring and intelligent early warning forum and the network security innovation and development forum under the new situation will provide in-depth discussions on the innovative development of highway information planning, design, construction, management, and services, as well as the application and development of new generation information technology on highways.

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